Austria: Hard-Chor

Hard-Chor will represent Austria at Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017.

Upper Austrian Hard-Chor was founded in Linz in spring 2007 by a group of dedicated singers, and is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The group is comprised of singers who work meticulously to bring styles of various composers and musical eras to the stage. If that’s not hardcore, what is?

(Photo: Claudia Börner)

Founding member, Alexander Koller, wore many hats as he brought the choir to life one decade ago. Hard-Chor is a versatile group which can adapt to any occasion. This choir blends well with one another, whether singing in unison or in 40-part harmony, a-cappella or accompanied by instruments, and with or without microphones. Hard-Chor is flexible enough to sing what is asked of them, while still paying attention their own sound as a group. Authenticity is of the utmost importance for choir director Alexander Koller and his choir.

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About Alexander Koller


(Photo: Claudia Börner)

Alexander Koller was born in Upper Austria in 1979 and started his musical education at the age of four. In June 2004 he graduated with distinction from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and in June 2005 he successfully completed his master’s degree. Following this he went on to study choral conducting and trained choral directors in addition to teaching music. In addition to his work with Hard-Chor, Alexander has been managing the Linz Singakademie.

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