Germany: Jazzchor Freiburg

Jazzchor Freiburg will represent Germany at Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017.

The Jazzchor Freiburg was founded in 1990 by Bertrand Gröger. The choir has toured and performed at concerts in across the world and won first place in the German Choir Contest in 1998 and first place in the Choir Olympiad in South Korea in 2002. In addition to this, their appearances on TV and radio programmes, as well as their music recordings have brought the choir to national and international acclaim.

The Jazzchor Freiburg tries to combine a high musical standard with good quality entertainment. Bertrand Gröger arranges most of their titles, i.e. music by Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Nat King Cole. Their music gets a new vibe through Scat, Rap and Shout elements. Inspired by choirs such as The Manhattan Transfer and New York Voices, the singers perform well-known music pieces in a fresh and new style. The choir is also accompanied by its own band and have performed alongside guest stars from around the world including Max Mutzke, the Swingle Singers, Roger Treece, Bernd Schlott, Torun Eriksen, Cécile Verny, Norbert Gottschalk, and Tap for Two.

Visit the official website and watch their videos on YouTube.

About Bertrand Gröger

Bertrand Gröger who was born in Wolfsburg and grew up in Bremen. He studied classical music in Freiburg and Paris and Jazz in Hamburg. In 1990, Gröger founded the Jazzchor Freiburg, with which he has undertaken tours across Europe, Japan and South Korea and with which he has achieved the first prize in each choir competition entered (Italy 1997, Germany 1998, South Korea 2002). He was awarded the ZMF Prize in 1997 for his work as choir director. He has toured extensively around the world with his band Tune Up, and as part of the classical ensemble Trio Grande in addition to appearing on television and in radio productions.

In the field of composition and arrangement, Gröger is self-taught and was a prizewinner in the International Composition Contest in 1989 in Berlin. He arranges and composes a large part of the Jazzchor Freiburg’s repertoire, has been published by Ricordi and has written commissions for the Swingle Singers, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, the WDR-Rundfunkorchester and the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie. He has been a guest conductor for orchestras, choirs and bands around the world and is also active as a juror for German and international choir competitions.

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