Questions & answers

How can my choir participate in the Eurovision Choir of the Year?

Stay tuned for more information!

How will the winner be decided?

The winner of the title Eurovision Choir of the Year will be determined by a panel of professional judges.

Where can I download photographs from the show?

Visit the photograph gallery for pictures from the show.

Will Eurovision Choir of the Year be organised every year from now on?

The European Broadcasting Union and Interkultur have the ambition to hold Eurovision Choir of the Year on an annual basis.

Who is organising Eurovision Choir of the Year?

Eurovision Choir of the Year was conceived in partnership between Interkultur – the organisers of the World and European Choir Games – and the European Broadcasting Union – the organisers of, amongst others, the Eurovision Song Contest – and with the commitment of Latvian Television (LTV) as Host Broadcaster of the 2017 edition in collaboration with LIVE RIGA.

How and when can I buy tickets for Eurovision Choir of the Year?

Tickets for the 2017 Eurovision Choir of the Year can be bought via the online ticket portal.

How can I apply for press accreditation to the Eurovision Choir of the Year?

The accreditation process takes place online via SingInRiga.