How will the winner of Eurovision Choir be decided?

The winner of Eurovision Choir of the Year will be decided by a professional jury including award-winning composer John Rutter, world-class conductor Nicolas Fink and internationally renowned mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča. We caught up with them ahead of the live final.

What makes choral singing so special?

“I’ve always been drawn to the human voice, it’s fascinating how the voice and the person go together,” said Nicolas Fink. “Singing is a wonderful thing with just one voice but when you multiply it with dozens of voices or even hundreds of voices, it’s hundreds of times better,” explained John Rutter. Elīna Garanča added that for her, choirs represent unity. “The choirs have to send the message of unity, that’s particularly interesting for the audience,” she said.

What will the jury be looking for on the night?

All participating choirs will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • The artistic personality of the Choir
  • Faithfulness to the musical score
  • Quality of the sound and intonation
  • General musicianship

“You judge on different aspects, the unity, you listen to the interpretation, the intonation, the musicality, small technical details. At the end it’s really the personality,” said Elīna. “You just want that little touch of magic, it’s very hard to explain but you know what it is when you encounter it,” said John.

Why is Eurovision Choir of the Year important?

“Yes there’s a competitive element of the show but it brings people together and brings choir music to new audiences,” said Nicolas. “It’s important because it symbolises how nations must come together in harmony,” said John. “We all go home richer because of choral singing,” he added.

Choral singing is especially important for Latvia and Elīna. “Like Italians eat pizza, every Latvian sings,” she says laughing. “To give my opinion in a jury is a great honour for me and to present Latvia and make this in Latvia for the first time is something that makes me very proud,” Elīna added.

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